Skin Cancer And The Dangers

Cancer, in its simplest form, is an abnormal growth of cells within our body is that is beyond our control. Therefore, with skin cancer, this growth occurs within our skin cells and is most commonly caused by UV radiation from sunlight and sun beds that damages the DNA in our skin cells beyond repair.

This damage then initiates mutations and genetic defects, and the formation of malignant lesions begin to occur due to rapid multiplication of skin cells.prevent cancer

Sunscreens, Creams And Lotions

As the UV rays in sunlight are one of the main causes of skin cancer, the importance of skin protection is higher than ever. When possible, it is wise to cover up as much of your skin as you can when exposed to sunlight for prolonged amounts of time. Obviously this isn’t always ideal in warmer weather conditions, which is when you need to seriously consider the use of sun creams and similar products that protect your skin from the sun.

Products with high SPFs are ideal and, if applied correctly, can provide great protection. Be sure to use generous amounts of sun cream and don’t tend to rub it in too much as you are wanting to form a barrier. You should apply cream before you head outdoors and periodically throughout the day.

Is SPF Really Important?

SPF stands for “sun protection factor” and is very important when selecting your products. Many of us don’t realise that SPFs are actually present in a range of products, not simply in sunscreens. They can often be found in makeup, which is something you should research and consider if you wear a lot of makeup.

The higher the SPF number, the better the sun protection and a minimum of SPF 30 is always advised. Sun creams do protect our skin from sun damage for short periods so long as we are using the correct SPF for our individual skin type as some of us are more sensitive than others. Remember, it is your responsibility to look after your skin. If you would like further advice on SPFs, please contact us.

Professional Protection For Your Skin At Liverpool Clinic

We are a surgeon-led clinic in Liverpool that only recommends and prescribes the highest levels of professional skincare products. If you are worried about your personal skin care and protection, book a free consultation with one of our highly experienced surgeons today. We can assess your individual wants and needs so as to provide you with the best possible advice that is suited to you.