All You Need To Know About Thread Veins

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What Are Thread Veins? Also known as "Spider Veins", Thread Veins are most commonly found in the legs and the face but can occur on any part of the body. These veins are usually very small, but sit prominently just below the surface of the skin in branch-like patterns that resemble cobwebs, hence their nickname. In most cases this is simply a cosmetic issue as the veins can be very unsightly, but sometimes symptoms like itching and burning sensations have been known to occur. How Can You Get Rid Of Thread Veins? Thread Veins can be treated in numerous ways but Sclerotherapy or laser treatments tend to produce the best results. Sclerotherapy involves the use of very small injections of what usually tends to be a salt solution. The blood then clots due to the swelling of the vein following irritation from the injected solution. It is vital that this [...]