How Much Does A Non-Surgical Facelift Cost?

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A non-surgical facelift (liquid facelift) is a minimally-invasive alternative for patients that would like to address early-on signs of aging. The procedure can temporarily fill in facial lines, wrinkles, and folds while also restoring lost volume in the lips, cheeks, and under-eye area. A non-surgical facelift produces exceptional results without any scarring or downtime. Liquid facelifts are highly customized procedures. While one patient may be able to get the results they want under £2,000, another patient seeking more dramatic results can pay upwards of £8,000. In most cases, the average non-surgical facelift will be much less costly than a traditional facelift regardless of your goals. What Goes Into the Cost of a Non-Surgical Facelift? During your in-person consultation, your skin care specialist will create a personalized treatment plan according to your individual needs. The anatomy of your face, the location of your [...]