Cinderella Lips For Summer

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What Are Cinderella Lips? "Cinderella Lips" is the name given to a non-permanent lip treatment at Sthetix that produces fuller, plumper lips by using saline injections. These are injected into all areas of the lip and the inside of the mouth to create the desired look. This treatment is ideal for anyone that may be considering lip fillers but is perhaps hesitant to take the risk in case they don't like the outcome. This is because the results of the Cinderella Lips treatment only last around 6-8 hours. In a way, it is like a "try before you buy" treatment as you are not committing to a permanent procedure. It is popular among celebrities who wish to add volume to their lips for special events and appearances. Summer Lip Fillers For many, summer can potentially be an ideal time to pursue that cosmetic treatment that you have been considering for [...]