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How could I look after having cosmetic surgery?

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This is a question frequently asked of our surgeons. Any decision to modify your appearance cannot be taken lightly and it is only normal for a patient to want to see the final result before the procedure. To date patients were not provided with a response to this all-important question. However, with Crisalix a new cutting edge 3D imaging system, it is now possible to see yourself before and after cosmetic surgery. 3D Simulation Crisalix is the world’s first web-based using three standard 2D photos for aesthetic procedures, which recreates in 3D the patient’s face or body to further enable accurate pre-visualisations of the final result. Using this technology a patient can see their new face or body in 3D, as opposed to imagining the result using traditional methods, such as photos of other patients that do not represent the patient’s own anatomy. Crisalix’s technology recommended by IPRAS IPRAS, the leading international federation for [...]

By | April 11th, 2017 at 12:40pm

Dimple Creation

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Dimple creation is not a new idea. Back in 1936 the “Dimple Machine” was invented with a belief that if you caused prolonged pressure in an area then it would result in dimple formation. Dimple machines invented in 1936 - Photo Credit: Modern Mechanix/The Babble What is a Dimple? A Dimple is a small depression in the skin. On the face it is present due to a small gap in the zygomaticus major muscle. When we smile this gap presents as an indentation. Dimples in the cheek give a cute, sweet, feminine appearance and that is why many ladies who do not have dimples in the cheek want one creating. For many years people have tried to make dimples. The above-illustrated “Dimple Machine” was invented with a belief that if you caused prolonged pressure in an area then it [...]

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Crisalix 3D Imaging

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The use of 3D imaging technology is not a new thing but the way that we can use that technology today is changing. 3D cosmetic surgery simulation technology allows surgeons to capture and upload a 3D image of a patient’s body or head and show them through gradual changes what their proposed procedure will look like so that shape and size can be decided upon before the procedure takes place. How does Crisalix 3D imaging work? Your Sthetix surgeon will scan your body using an iPad with an attached 3D sensor and a few seconds later your full body will appear in 3D on screen. The surgeon can then simulate the surgical procedure and adjust shapes and positioning to give you an accurate representation of the final surgical result on your very own simulated body. Using Crisalix 3D imaging technology our surgeons can simulate a number of procedures including breast [...]

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Labiaplasty – What’s That?

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Before I started working in a cosmetic surgery clinic, I had no idea that the procedure “labiaplasty” existed.  I now know that it’s a procedure which is becoming increasingly popular! Recently, while socialising with some friends, I mentioned that we do a whole range of surgeries, including labiaplasty. The response ranged from, “What’s that?” to “Why on earth would a woman want something like that?” I was left trying to explain that this is not always about looks. Why choose Labiaplasty? Labiaplasty is an option for a woman if she is concerned about the protrusion of the inner lips around the vaginal opening. This can be a purely aesthetic concern, such as embarrassment of the unevenness or asymmetry of the labia, but in the majority of cases, the reason is discomfort of the labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) during exercise, in certain tight clothes and during sex.  Sometimes, [...]

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