Otherwise known as “Spider Veins” due to their almost cobweb-like appearance, thread veins can occur on any part of the body but are most commonly found in the face and legs. The main reason they appear is due to the smallest of our blood vessels, known as capillaries, rupturing following permanent dilation.

This then causes the blood to spread to other capillaries and creates the undesirable appearance of thread veins on the skin. They tend to occur most commonly in the legs because of the pressure from our body weight and the fact that leg veins find it most difficult to carry blood from the bottom of the body back to the heart.

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Living With Thread Veins

For many people, thread veins can have a significant impact on their day to day lives. These unsightly veins can lead to a loss in self-confidence, affecting overall happiness and satisfaction, but there is a solution. Among the various treatments available, sclerotherapy and laser treatment are most commonly used as they achieve the best outcome.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a solution using a very fine needle to clot the blood in the vessels, whereas laser treatment simply kills the veins as they absorb the laser beams. Both procedures are fairly straightforward with minimal pain and require no surgery, which makes it much easier for those of us with busy lives that are seeking procedures with little to no downtime.

‘Spider Vein Treatment’ In Liverpool

If you feel as though this treatment might be something that you are considering to address your own issues with thread veins, then Sthetix Cosmetic Clinic have a sister company that can help. Liverpool Laser Clinic can also be found at 20, Knight Street, Liverpool, and we have laser machines that can treat a range of problems, including thread veins.

One of our reputable consultant surgeons will first assess your needs before recommending the best course of action. All of our treatments are carried out by highly qualified and experienced specialists who have high patient-satisfaction statistics. To book a free consultation for your Thread Vein Treatment, please click here to contact our team