Prominent or protruding ears can have a considerable psychological impact on a person’s life and affects approximately 1-2 percent of the entire population. Insecurities about appearance can lead to a loss of confidence and cause psychological distress, especially in children. At Sthetix, we are now able to offer earFold™ as a treatment for prominent ear correction. This new type of treatment is a breath of fresh air and a lifeline for those of us suffering with prominent ears and want predictable results.prominent ear treatment

What Is EarFold?

EarFold™ is the brand name of a leading new treatment for prominent ears. It is minimally invasive and can be carried out under local anaesthesia with immediate correction and rapid recovery. The treatment is suitable for adults and children, where the concern is to reduce the appearance of large or prominent ears by inserting an implant to make the ears lie back closer to the head. If you would like to learn more about the treatment, follow the links below to view our online treatment page or to view an informative video on YouTube.

Prominent Ear Correction In Liverpool.

If earFold™ treatment is something that you feel could be suitable for you, we at Sthetix Clinic are here to meet your needs. Our team of highly trained surgeons possess years of experience and provide treatments of the highest standard of quality. You can book a free consultation with one of our consultant surgeons today where you will work together to create a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. ear treatment

Further Information

This is a useful and informative video to watch if you are considering Prominent Ear Correction.