Not all breast implants are the same. Most women don’t want to have conspicuous implants. Implants that are properly fitted to be both proportional and balanced for your body type contribute to a successful outcome. At Sthetix, our UK qualified GMC consultant plastic surgeons will help you choose a size and shape that reflects your aesthetic goals.

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Are There Different Shaped Breast Implants?

Breast implants are available in round or teardrop shapes. With their symmetrical shape, round implants are more traditional with an outward projection and all-around fullness. Also called the gummy bear implant, the newer teardrop shape is fuller in the area below the nipple and has a more natural look.

There are also Ergonomic implants which are a half-way house between round and teardrop shape.

Final results depend on your current breast shape, chest wall shape, and the type of implant used. Our accredited team will work with you to achieve your desired shape.

Can I Aim For A Specific Cup Size?

In most cases, we can increase the breast size to the desired size of the patient. We cannot guarantee a specific cup size following your surgery though. When it comes to choosing a breast implant size, there are four factors that deserve consideration; volume, profile, dimensions, and breast tissue thickness.


Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), rather than cup size as many believe. Cup size is a relative measurement that varies widely between bra manufacturers. A more exact measurement can be determined using cubic centimeters. Though most women decide on implants that are 300-400cc, they can range from 100 to 700 cc.


The profile of an implant relates to the projection it has Your profile preference depends on if you are seeking a natural look or a more augmented appearance. Our surgeon will guide you to help make the most appropriate decision.

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Your breast and chest measurements will inform your implant size, specifically the diameter and width. Our consultant surgeons recommend getting implants that are the same or slightly narrower than your current breast width.

Breast Tissue Thickness

The thickness of breast tissue impacts your implants. Patients can expect their soft tissue thickness to be assessed to determine the right fit. Tissue thickness is also a factor when choosing your implant shape. This also determines whether the surgeon recommends going under or over the muscle.

Crisalix 3D Technology

Cosmetic surgery simulation technology offers the ability to see the outcome of your procedure, prior to making any incisions. Our consultant surgeon scans your body using a 3D sensor, then simulates the procedure, adjusting shapes and positioning to show an approximate representation of your final result. This allows you to decide what shape and size are desired before the procedure takes place. It is important to note this is only an approximation.

We Can Help Achieve Your Goals

The experienced team at Sthetix can help you choose the right breast implants for your body, even if you already have a desired shape or size in mind. Crisalix 3D simulations are offered at no extra cost to all patients during any one of the multiple consultations available to you, giving you the time to make the right decision for you.

Today I had my final post breast augmentation check up with Dr. Alvi and couldn’t be any happier with the result and the service I received at the Sthetix Clinic. Dr Alvi and his team have been amazing and very patient! Mr Alvi has changed my life! He knew what result I wanted and gave me a breast I’ve always dreamt of!

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*Individual results may vary.