Chemical Peel LiverpoolChemical peels are a non-invasive exfoliation technique that provides overall skin rejuvenation. Peels come in a variety of options allowing us to treat your individual complexion issues. Men and women can nix unwanted lines and wrinkles, redness, and sun damage while improving skin’s tone and texture.

The great thing about chemical peels is the adjustable nature of them. Results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you’d like. Your Sthetix aesthetician will customize a peel to resurface the precise depths needed to remove dead skin cells and bring new skin to light. After a chemical peel, your skin will appear smooth and radiant.

Most skin peels require little to no downtime. When you’re able to return to work depends on the area being treated, the type of peel chosen, and your natural healing process. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

Superficial Peels

There is no downtime needed for a superficial peel. Superficial peels take just 10-15 minutes to improve your skin’s optimal health. In most cases, you’ll be in and out of the office within the hour and are free to go back to work immediately. You can expect some minor redness or swelling (similar to that of a sunburn) which should subside within several hours. Makeup can typically be applied the very next day.

Medium Peels

Medium peels are often done to address more severe concerns such as sun damage. Over the course of 15-60 minutes, the peel penetrates to the deeper layers of skin providing better results but also increases your recovery time. The majority of patients who receive a medium chemical peel can return to work within 5-days. However, it can take several weeks to fully recover.

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Chemical peels can be customized to fit your schedule. While some patients opt to have one medium peel for instantly dramatic results, you can choose to have several weekly superficial peels until your desired results are met.

At the time of your consultation, one of our skilled aestheticians will advise you on a treatment that will help you meet your end-goals with as little downtime as possible. Your skincare specialist will provide you with a post-procedural recovery plan to get you back to your daily routine asap.

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*Individual results may vary.